FAQ’S - Lenovo Tax Time Offers


What is the ‘Lenovo Tax Time Offers’ about?

Lenovo is rewarding their customers who made a qualifying purchase during the promotional period with Uber or Pizza rewards. 


How long is this promotion running? 
 The promotion will open for purchases from 24th May 2021 until 4th July 2021. 

All registrations need to be submitted within 14 days after the purchase or by 18th July 2021, whichever date is sooner.

The Redemption period for Uber Reward ends in five (5) consecutive months from verification.

The Redemption period for Free Pizza Reward ends in twelve (12) consecutive months from verification. 


So how does it work?

Simply purchase any of the selected Lenovo products during the promotional period and register your purchase online by uploading the proof of purchase at www.lenovooffers.com.au within 14 days of purchase or by 18th July 2021, whichever date is sooner.

After verification, qualified customers will receive an email with a Reward Access code and instructions for use from contact@lenovooffers.com.au; customers then follow the instructions to redeem their monthly reward voucher via www.lenovooffers.com.au before their access codes expired.


What are the rewards?

Qualified Customers will receive one (1) of the following rewards. 

  • $100 Free Uber/Uber Eats Reward – Five (5) x $20 Uber/Uber Eats voucher per month for 5 consecutive months.


  • Free Pizza for A Year Reward – One free pizza per month for twelve (12) consecutive months


Where do I find my Reward Access Code? 

Your Reward Access Code will be sent to you in an email from contact@lenovooffers.com.au after your online registration form is verified.


How long will the Reward Access Code be valid for?

The Reward Access Code (“Reward Code”) has the following validity upon issue:


  • five (5) consecutive months for the Uber reward;
  • twelve (12) consecutive months for Free Pizza for a year reward.


Can my Reward Access Code be extended? 
 Unfortunately not, the validity of the code is as above. 


I received my Free Pizza for a year reward or Uber Reward code – how long is it valid for and how do I use the code?

All reward codes will be valid for 7 days from date of issue and the validity date cannot be extended.

Instructions for use will be outlined in the email sent to your nominated email address. 


Which products are considered eligible purchases for the promotion?

Schedule 2 – Eligible Lenovo product list

  • The qualifying products for Lenovo Tax Time Offers are the Lenovo ThinkPad  X1 Carbon Gen 9 and the Lenovo Legion Models listed below.

Offer A:

Purchase the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 during the promotional period and you’ll be eligible to redeem $100 Uber vouchers.

  • 20XWCTO1WW
  • 20XXS02500
  • 20XXS02700
  • 20XXS02600
  • 20XXS02800
  • 20XWS06600
  • 20XWS06700


Offer B: 

Purchase any of the below Legion Gaming models during the promotional period and you’ll be eligible to redeem $120 Pizza vouchers.

Legion 5 and Gaming 3

  • 82EY006EAU
  • 82EY00J2AU
  • 81Y6006LAU
  • 81Y600HEAU
  • 82B5005AAU
  • 82AW006PAU
  • 82N6000WAU
  • 82JY006MAU
  • 82BC001BAU
  • 90NK000YAU
  • 90NK000XAU
  • 82JQ00ACAU
  • 82JQ002DAU
  • 82N6CTO1WW
  • 82JU00D5AU


Can I enter more than once to receive another reward? 

Yes, you can! You can enter as many times as you like during the promotional period. 

Each entry must be accompanied by a Reward Access code with a qualifying purchase.

Each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements. 


I have registered my purchase online but have not received my Reward Access Code or Reward Voucher, what should I do?

Please check your junk email folder for an email from contact@lenovooffers.com.au  If you have checked the suggested folder and still haven’t received your voucher, please contact our team on 1800 549 832 or contact@lenovooffers.com.au, lines open Mon-Fri 9.30am – 5.00pm Sydney Time.


My Reward Access Code/ Reward Voucher is not working, what do I do now? 

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you. Please contact our Customer Service team on contact@lenovooffers.com.au or on 1800 549 832. 


The website isn’t displaying properly. Help!

You may be using an old browser which does not support the promotional website. You will need to update your browser by choosing one of the links below:

Alternatively try using an alternative device or computer.


How can I contact Lenovo for any enquiries/feedback not relating to Lenovo Tax Time Offers Promotion? 

You can contact the Lenovo Customer Service Team on 13 LENOVO or contact us via email